Things to avoid when starting a new job

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After some searching and finger-crossing, you’ve finally landed your dream job and are eager to make a positive impression on your new boss and colleagues. But wait, you want to be careful not to make some career-damaging mistakes. Here are mistakes experts advise against when starting a new job.

No late coming

This is no time to tell tales about being held up in Lagos traffic or any other tale for that matter. Being on time is important and at your new job, it is critical. In fact, showing up late on the first day will make a lasting negative impression.

Dress code appropriate

Before you start your new job, find out from the human resources what the acceptable dress code for your new workplace is. Asking beforehand is better than showing up dressed unprofessionally – again, this impression will last a long time.

Avoid taking too many personal calls

Remember that your employer is paying you to work not to chitchat on the phone with family members or friends. Unless it is an emergency, let those you love know they can call you only during your lunch break or to send a text message which you’ll respond to when you’re less busy.

Don’t try to change things too soon

While you may be itching to hit the ground running and show your new employer that they made the right decision hiring you, you don’t want to start trying to change things in the first few weeks of your resumption as it may not demonstrate that you are a team player. First, take time to really understand and learn your job, then as time rolls by, you can make suggestions for new changes as they come up or as your expertise is called upon.

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