As one of our initiatives to provide you with improved services, we have launched a new “SMS Enquiry Service”. This service will enable you obtain real-time information on your Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA) as needed.

To use the SMS Enquiry Service, kindly follow the instructions below:

For Balance enquiry:
Sms BAL [SPACE] [PIN] to 08104005000
e.g. BAL PEN1000000000

For your Last Contribution:
Sms LC [SPACE] [PIN] to 08104005000
e.g. LC PEN1000000000

For details of your RSA PIN:
Sms MYPIN to 08104005000
e.g. MYPIN

For details of your Online Login ID:
Sms Login [SPACE] [PIN] to 08104005000
e.g. LOGIN PEN100000000

For Estatement Subscription:
Sms ESUB [SPACE] [PIN] to 08104005000
e.g. ESUB PEN100000000

NB: Please note that this service can ONLY be carried out using the phone number you registered with ARM Pensions. The minimum cost per sms is N5.

To use the USSD Platform:

Client onboarding (Registration on the Platform)
*7737*11*0*Last 4-digit (RSA PIN)#

A prompt will ask the customer to enter 4-digit Password and another prompt to re-confirm the 4-digit Password the customer selected as means of validation.

AVC Account Summary
*7737*11*1*4-digit Password#

RSA Account Summary
*7737*11*2*4-digit Password#

Update Password
*7737*11*3*4-digit Password#

E-Mail Subscription
*7737*11*4*4-digit Password#

Retrieve my RSA PIN
*7737*11*6*4-digit Password#