Smart ways to ask for a salary raise

By June 6, 2019 No Comments

James has been stuck with the same salary for two to three years now. He thinks it’s time to speak with his boss and ask for a pay raise, but being a wise guy, he knows he can’t just demand it, he needs to justify it. So he did the following:

He saw himself as a professional

He saw the entire company structure as a business that his skills help to run. He focused his negotiation on what he brought to the table and how much the company can pay for those things to run the business.

By giving himself a stake in the company’s welfare, James became proactive and result-oriented, two qualities his boss appreciated during salary negotiation.

James listed his accomplishments

He knew that to ask for a raise, you need to point to specific major task(s) that you’ve helped accomplish especially if it has a direct impact on your company’s sales or survival.

So he took stock of his significant achievements – not the usual but the ones he went an extra mile on for the past two years and in a matter-of-fact kind of way, he presented it during the meeting with his boss.

He had data to back up his value

James, as a sharp guy quantified his value with data and accolades to better demonstrate tangibly to his boss how he had contributed to the company’s bottom line.

He fled from emotions

It is very easy to get emotional and start reeling out how you need a raise and how your family will benefit from a raise…but James knew that this will not get the job done. So he presented his argument subtly with logic and tact to justify his request.

What do you think James’ boss said in response to his request? Let’s just say James now smiles to the bank each month and even took a walk into tomorrow to start planning his retirement early.