Qualities every employer looks out for

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This article by Forbes says that “Employers are looking for qualities in their new hires that are never listed in the job ad.” And we think so too.

How else do you explain all the questions you never rehearsed for popping out of the blues? In the end, every employer is looking for qualities that make you valuable to the organization, most of which they expect you to be truthful about and not come rehearsed.

But don’t worry, we’re about to show you just what they want from you when you walk in for that interview. Read on and memorize.

They want to know what you want in your career

Show them you are self-directed meaning you know what you want and are willing to work for it. It’s not arrogance, its confidence and employers like confident hires.

They want to hear about your successes

When they ask you to tell them about a time you felt victorious, don’t be afraid to tell them about your successes whether at work or even at home. Let them see how succeeding makes you feel.

They want to know you’re not afraid to share your opinion

No good employer likes to hire a person who is not independent in their thinking. They don’t want you accepting everything without question especially when you have one in your heart. Strong managers appreciate people who have their own ideas and they’re watching for that even during the interview process.

They care that you’re a team player

Every good employer wants to know that an intended hire can work well as part of a team to achieve the overarching goals of the department or company as a whole. Show them you possess that quality with your speech and cite examples where necessary without sounding cocky.

They want to know you are capable of taking responsibility

When you make mistakes, do you own up to them and work on fixing them? If yes, don’t be afraid to share it with your interviewer when asked.

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