ARM RSA Pension fund named best performer for Q1 2018

ARM RSA Pension fund has been named best performer in the RSA category for the first quarter in 2018 by a financial analysis firm, Quantitative Financial Analytics.

The firm in a report stated that despite falling yields, Nigeria’s RSA Pension funds posted an impressive median gain of 3.76% during the first quarter.

“A global look at pension fund performances indicates that Nigerian pension fund managers did a great job in Q1 2018. In Canada, for example, pension funds posted a median loss of 0.7% while UK pension funds recorded a loss of 3.8% in the first quarter of 2018, the first time since 2015, according to data from Morneau Shepell and Moneyfacts respectively” the firm said.

Ending the quarter with a notable 4.89% return, the ARM Pension RSA Fund stands out among all other funds monitored.