4 ways to get ahead in your career in 2019

By January 23, 2019 No Comments

Last year may have been great for you, but like every human, you’ll definitely be eager to up the ante and achieve more in your career this year. If you found yourself agreeing to this sentence, then check out some tips to help you get ahead and achieve your professional ambitions this year.


Network to get work

Networking is still the oldest way to get ahead in life and career. This year, make a note to expand your network and it will amaze you how much you can grow. There are many ways to network – it could be an informal email to a senior manager or a friend’s friend commending them on a project they just completed and asking them if you could pick their brains on official matters sometime; a LinkedIn invite sent to a recruiter who recently posted a job you applied to, or simply a networking event where you meet people and exchange cards.

Lots of people testify to having used some or all of the above-mentioned methods to expand their network and achieve their career goals. If this catapults you to the top in 2019, isn’t it worth giving a shot?

Become a subject matter expert

Imagine being the go-to person for a specialized job/task in your company? Better still, imagine being so good at what you do that you start getting recommendations from those within your network? That is one of the fastest ways to swim to the top in your career.

But how do you do this?

  • Learning: Upgrade your knowledge of your area of expertise and get qualifications to back it up. Don’t wait for your company to train you, commit to self-development this year.
  • Research: Always be hungry to know more about your area of specialization. Constantly updating yourself with the latest in your field is a great way to make yourself an expert.
  • Reach out: There are surely people who know more than you in your field. Find them (look online if necessary) and connect with them. Learn from them to improve your own knowledge.

Make planning a priority

What are your long and short term career goals? Dedicate some time to thinking about them this January and map out a strategy on how to achieve them.

Once you have the strategy on paper, start making the necessary moves to achieve them. This might be a meeting with your manager to discuss what you want to achieve in your current role, a job switch, or a course you need to do. This way, you have a clear focus of the road ahead of you in your career this year and beyond.

Learn a language

So many times you see a job title and within, you can already see yourself in that role – only for the bubble-buster word ‘Bilingual’ to pop up and ruin your imagination. This happens all the time to lots of people.

The truth is that knowing another language is an excellent way to meet people and a skill that will automatically expand your job search prospects. Most multi-national companies these days will snap you up quicker than you know if you are an expert at what you do, speak English and an additional language fluently.

This year, consider acquiring fluency in another language like French, Spanish, Arabic or any other language that you know is in high demand.

Bottom-line: Success comes to that person who takes deliberate steps in search of it. Wishing you success in your career climb this year.