3 ways to stay hydrated during the hot weather

By April 10, 2019 No Comments

The sun has been scorching, bringing with it steadily parched throats and sweaty bodies. Femi is not finding the heat funny and has told his best friend Fola about it.

Fola, the ever curious ‘efiko’ and pessimist thinks they may be heading towards chronic dehydration and quickly starts listing the grim realities that could befall them if that became the case. He names decreased kidney function, dizziness and even diabetes. Femi doesn’t want to pass on young so he asks Fola how they can stay hydrated in the face of the scorching Lagos sun.

Together, they discover that:

Monitoring your water intake by writing it down will help know how much water you need to get through each day.

Going on a water challenge with friends or even yourself pitting something as a prize can motivate you to drink more water.

Tastier water sweetened with fruits like lemons, strawberries, cucumber slices and mint could be a good motivation to drink up.

Is the heat getting to you? You might want to join these two dudes in making sure you stay hydrated because the sun these days is on a whole different level.