As part of our efforts to increase our accessibility to both existing and potential customers, we are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to stay in touch and keep you posted about your Retirement Savings Account and Pension Industry updates. As a result, we have introduced several new touch points through which you can reach us to give feedback, make enquiries and receive pension and other related updates.

ARM Pensions on Social Media:

You can now like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and check our YouTube channel for pension updates, to make enquiries, watch videos of our forums and see pictures of our most recent activities across the country.

The ARM Pensions mobile app for Android, Blackberry and IOS:


Our mobile app lets you monitor your RSA on the go. You can also update your details, check your recent contributions, use our RSA calculator to determine how much you are likely to have at retirement, check your AVC balance, etc.

The ARM Pensions Mobile Office:

Our mobile office will allow convenient benefit withdrawal applications, new registrations and let us attend to any other enquiry you may have. Look out for us as we could be in your neighbourhood next!

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