ARM Pensions is sponsoring a session tagged “Social by design: why people buy African”as part of the Social Media Week activities.

The event is focused on how to make businesses and organisations grow (for the youth) & work effectively through people/social centred design.

Synopsis of the Event

Africa has gone decidedly social. However, here is very different. In a continent where being social has been an integral part of culture for centuries, the concept takes on a new significance. Whilst the developed world grapples with the failure of capitalist policies in the face of plummeting oil prices, Africa is finally discovering its place.

With a burgeoning youthful population, vast natural resources and 60% of global arable land, the continent is poised to pull itself upwards on a rapid trajectory of development. Or is it?

This is where design comes in. Nothing great happens by accident. It is time to acknowledge the significance and the merit of Design in the discovery and deployment of Africa’s best assets. Design fundamentally impacts growth in every area including; infrastructure, power (alternative and green energy), manufacturing and intra-African commerce – which are all supremely essential to our growth and development.

Social by Design: Why Customers Buy African will bring together experts from various fields to spark debate about “why the world must buy African”, the role of the youth in Africa’s design future,  and how sustainability can be achieved. Participants will take away a clear understanding of the imperatives of leveraging Social and Design whilst doing business in Africa.